Turenscape Academy (TA) is engaged with the challenges and opportunities of accelerated urbanization through maintaining a particular focus on design in the disciplinary areas of Architecture, Landscape Architecture, Urbanism, and Art & Design. As a new model for the first independent post-graduate, post-professional academy of the built, lived, and natural environment in China, TA offers a unique alternative to conventional academia. Find our offices in Beijing next to Peking University and Tsinghua University and our residential campus in Xixinan, a heritage village situated near Huangshan City and the beautiful Yellow Mountains (Huangshan) in Anhui Province.
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13Dec, 2018

Heritage Crafts Meet Contemporary Land Art

    Heritage crafts meet contemporary land art. Historical relics meet ephemeral installations. Traditional wisdom meets innovative ideas.       Different perspectives    The magical village Xixinan 西溪南 welcomed an international group of landscape architects, architects, landscape engineers, professors, and students …