2017 Design Workshop Series


Turenscape Academy’s series of 2017 DESIGN WORKSHOPS includes six design workshops scheduled from shortly after Spring Festival to summer 2017 and aims to lead towards Turenscape Academy’s four major academic tracks: Architecture, Landscape Architecture, Urbanism, and Art & Design. Emphasising a comprehensive, integrated, and multi-disciplinary approach to design, each workshop is led by an internationally recognised expert in their field and taught by a team of motivated designers and scholars. The workshop series commences with two design workshops focusing on learning advanced computational skills in parametric, associative and algorithmic design, followed by four design-build workshops in which initial design exercises will lead to building permanent and semi-permanent small-scale material installations on the grounds of our campus in Xixinan, Anhui Province. Please refer to the event pages of each workshop for detailed information!

Workshop 1 | Variable Territories 适应性场域 by Chie FUYUKI
Workshop 2 | Digital Ruralism 数码化乡村 by Ignacio LOPEZ BUSON & Mary POLITES
Workshop 3 | Minimal (Infra) Structures 极简结构/金属 by Soomeen HAHM
Workshop 4 | Soft Structure 软结构延伸/竹 by Jason DEMBSKI
Workshop 5 | Concrete Approximations 合成衍生/混凝土 by Olivier OTTEVAERE
Workshop 6 | Fluid Aggregate Material 流体聚集材料/砖 by Stefan AL

Start Time

12:00 am

Thursday, February 16, 2017

Finish Time

11:59 pm

Wednesday, August 16, 2017