2018 Summer Computational Design Workshop


Phase A: Software Basics – 50 hours
6/30 – 7/8, 2018
Phase B: Application and Practice – 50 hours
7/9 – 7/17, 2018
Choose Phase A / B / A+B based on own skills and needs


Course Introduction

The focus of the bootcamp is an introduction to computational design theory and basic skills in Rhino 3D modeling software, Grasshopper visual programming, and V-ray rendering software and techniques. By its completion, students will be able to skillfully apply what they learned into actual projects they are working on in their jobs.

Aimed at beginners, this bootcamp will teach widely used commands and guide students through the modeling of archetypal cases, famous buildings that highlight Rhino’s ability to create fluid, organic, and beautiful forms. By the end of the bootcamp, all students will be able to achieve intermediate skills in both explicit and implicit modeling. 



Through lectures and hands-on practice, this workshop exposes students to emergent design patterns and approaches, visual techniques, and analysis methods. Through an understanding of computational design and related computer science topics, students can enhance their problem-solving skills in applications of design and base new design approaches on advanced technologies.

Although a technical understanding of computational design is relatively easy to obtain, designers are often limited by too much attention paid to technical details. A holistic understanding is especially important in applying computational methods to design, where a lack of clear design goals and an overdependence on technical tools can lead to incoherent design intentions. In consideration of this phenomenon, the workshop strives to bridge the gap between academia and practice in computational design topics.


(Students: Zehao Qin,  Zhao Lina, Yu zhongyao, Zang Jinda , Hu Zhenyu)


(Students: Wang Dasong, Fengjiao Ge,  Zhang Lin)


(Students: Pan Zihao, Zhang Yang Shu Wo, Liu Sijia, Shu Yutong, Zhou Yuwen, Zheng Ying, Lü Linyi, Wu Junjian, Wang Qiuwen)

Lead Instructor


— 冬木千枝 Chie Fuyuki —
Founder of Tuning Synesthesia
M.Arch – Pratt Institute
Former designer at Roy Studio (NYC)
Former designer at MAD Architects (Beijing)

Chie Fuyuki is a professional design engineer and the principal founder of Tuning Synesthesia. Tuning Synesthesia, composed of an international team of designers and engineers with diverse backgrounds, provides service in multiple design disciplines including urban planning, architecture design, architectural surface standardization, landscape architecture, and web development.

Chie’s professional expertise extends to technology and innovative design as well as applications of computational design. As principal designer, Chie leads her team in specialized research into existing systems and design prototypes and their applications in new architectural developments. The team successfully hosted multiple seminars and workshops in the past few years, and it has produced brilliant results in both its academic research and projects of practice.


Phase A: 4 days + 5 nights
Phase B: 4 days + 5 nights


Tuition and Fees

Phase A / Phase B / Phase A+B
For tuition and costs, please contact TA staff
Early bird and group rates available


1. Students with majors in architecture, urban planning, landscape architecture, environmental arts and design, or other related majors
2. Professionals practicing computational design
3. Individuals or organizations interested in Rhino, Grasshopper, or related tools

How to Apply:

Phone:18201521972  ; 15712966956
WeChat:Contact TA staff through QR Codes



1. Receive course completion certificate signed by Dr. Kongjian Yu at the end of the course
2. TA will negotiate internship and job recommendation at Turenscape for outstanding students 

Cancellation and Refund Policy

If you cancel before 06.25, we will deduct a 500 RMB fee and refund the rest of your tuition.
No refunds after 06.25, but you can transfer your seat to someone else.

We reserve the right to cancel the class if fewer than 10 people are registered. Full refunds will be given if class is canceled.

Past works

Turenscape Academy Computational Design Workshop, February 2017


Computational Design Workshop student works, February 2017


Team A: 韩晓杰 Xiaojie Han | 王文迪 Wendi Wang | 陈春婷 Chunting Chen | 梁子佳 Zijia Liang | 李梦荷 Menghe Li


Team B: 徐蜀晨 Shuchen Xu | 张万霖 Wanlin Zhang | 杨艳梅 Yanmei Yang


Team C: 罗捷思 Jiesi Luo | 杜凯汶 Kaiwen Du | 李梅子 Meizi Li | 朱誉凯 Yukai Zhu | 吴冬梅 Dongmei Wu


Team D: 李唐 Tang Li | 余晓玲 Xiaoling Yu | 邢亚杰 Yajie Xing | 陈黎明 Liming Chen 刘春辉 Chunhui Liu | 何镠 Liu He

We hope to work with you soon!



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Start Time

9:00 am

Saturday, July 21, 2018

Finish Time

6:30 pm

Sunday, July 29, 2018


Room 305, Peking University Science Park, Beijing