2019 Computational Design Workshop | Intro to Rhino & Grasshopper


2019 Computational Design Workshop:
Introduction to Rhino & Grasshopper

01/23/2019 – 01/29/2019
Turenscape Academy
@ Turenscape Beijing

The workshop is an introduction to the fundamental skills, concepts, and processes of computational design using the digital platforms Rhinoceros and Grasshopper. This workshop is taught by international experts of computational and algorithmic design and is designed for students with zero experience with such design methods and tools.

In seven days, you will learn fundamental commands, practice by replicating world-renowned designs, and gain the necessary skills for further exploration of the organic and complex shapes enabled by computational design methods. At the end of the workshop, you will be able to fluently apply computational design skills to your own projects.


Chie Fuyuki
Lead Instructor

Founder and Principal Designer, Tuning Synesthesia
M.Arch. Pratt Institute
B.F.A Rikkyo University
Previous work experience: Roy Co., MAD Ltd.

Chie Fuyuki is the primary and principal designer of Tuning Synesthesia, an international collective of aspiring designers and engineers. As a team of specialist consultants in computational design, Tuning Synesthesia has collaborated with numerous firms, providing services across various disciplinary fields in architecture. Chie’s expertise extends to emerging technologies and creative design, linked by the use of computation. She has successfully organized several academic events.

Lichao Qin (覃立超)
Architect, Tuning Synesthesia
Previous work experience: MAD, DotA, THAD, CCDI

Zijing Shang (尚子敬)
Junior Architect, Tuning Synesthesia
M.Arch., Pennsylvania State University

Chenyang Wang (王晨阳)
Architecture Intern, Tuning Synesthesia
B.A. in Environmental Design, Luxun Academy of Art
Masters candidate in Environmental Art, Academy of Arts & Design Tsinghua

Course Completion Certificate:
At the end of the course, you will receive a Course Completion Certificate signed by Dr. Kongjian Yu.


Workshop Schedule

Actual workshop schedule will be subject to change based on student progress. Students are required to install Rhino5.0, Grasshopper, and VRay before the start of the workshop.


Past Student Work

July 2018 Workshop

Work by Xianghui Zeng 曾祥辉

Work by Xiaoyu Liu 刘晓羽

Work by Mingjie Pang 庞铭劼

Work by Jing Zhang 张静

Work by Tianjun Dai 戴天钧

Work by Chenyang Wang 王晨阳


Registration and Fees

Workshop Cost:
For cost information, please contact Turenscape Academy staff (through QR codes below or email).
For early-bird prices: register before 12/12
For group prices: register with a group of three people or above
Last day to register: January 10, 2019

Registration is open to those who are:
1. Currently pursuing or have obtained undergraduate degrees in architecture, urban planning, landscape architecture, environmental design, or another related field.
2. Engaged in work requiring computational design skills
3. Interested in studying Rhino and GH techniques and methods

Contact us to register:
Email: academy@turenscape.com
Phone: 18201521972; 15712966956
WeChat: Scan QR codes below

Ms. Wang                 Ms. Li

2018 Summer Workshop


Sneak Peek: Advanced Computational Design Studio

Turenscape Academy will launch the Advanced Computational Design Studio in Spring 2019 – stay tuned for more updates!

Start Time

12:00 am

Wednesday, January 23, 2019

Finish Time

11:59 pm

Tuesday, January 29, 2019