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Concrete Approximations



This workshop exposes students to the physical act of making in architecture through dynamic structural logics and material testing. The objective is to prototype new kinds of shell structures, using concrete as casting material, and engaging more closely with the material’s unique properties: fluidity, pressure and weight. Learning from seminal precedents of thin shell concrete structures, such as those by Torroja,Candela, Isler, Dieste, Nervi and others, the workshop aims to innovate upon composite formwork techniques which are more responsive to liquid material than cumbersome and labor intensive, timber planking formwork methods.

这个工作坊将通过动态结构逻辑和材料测试向学生展示建筑中的实际建造过程。工作坊的主要目的是使用混凝土浇筑,利用它独特的材料特性(流动性、压力、和重量),创建新型壳结构。比起使用原本费时费力加工的木材模板,通过对 Torroja、Candela、Isler、Dieste、Nervi 等人的薄壳混凝土结构的开创性先例的学习 ,以及在固有的复合模板技巧上的创新,新的模板技巧会对液体材料更迅速地做出反应 。

△ Concrete Ring: concrete prototype exhibited at the Bartlett, UCL, 2008 (Design by Multiply Studio)

In a first stage of the workshop, students will be tooled up with a variety of form finding techniques for shell structure design, ranging from computational processes, structural simulations, geometrical descriptions and analogue formwork devices. Through trial and error experiments, not only the limits of how a material might perform under gravity will be tested, but also how to direct the exact contribution a material may bring to a hierarchical assembly of live forces at play, in order to enhance material performance. In a second stage, the initial research findings will be synthesized towards a collective proposition and construction of a full-scale and site-specific installation. An inventive fabrication process of translating emerging geometries to traditional building techniques, will use local and low-cost materials, such as bamboo, textiles and cable-net as reinforcing and formwork for composite concrete shell structures.

在工作坊的第一阶段中,学员们将通过各种形式寻找壳结构设计的最优技巧,包括运算化过程,结构模,几何描绘和模拟模板设备 。通过试验和误差实验 ,学员们不仅可以测试材料在地心引力下的表现和极限承受力度,还可以测试材料在其他受力情况下表现的状态 ,并给它找出在分层组装中最优的位置,以便最好地发挥材料性能。在第二阶段中,学员们会综合第一阶段的试验成果并整合出一份提案以及建造一个全尺寸,适应特定场地的装置。这种新的建造方式将新兴几何研究转换为传统建筑技术 ,并将就地取材以降低成本,例如用竹子,纺织品和电缆网作为模板来加强复合混凝土壳结构。

△ Medusa: concrete prototype executed in a precast factory with students’ participation in Dong Guan, China, as summer March elective at HKU, 2012


△ New Orders: Column prototypes exhibited at the Hong Kong-Shenzhen Biennale, 2016 (Design by Double (o) studio)



Workshop Leader



Olivier Ottevaere

Olivier Ottevaere is an architect and educator, based in Hong Kong. He is the principal of Double(o) Studio, an architecture practice with a design focus on structural logics, materiality and construction procedures. Since 2011, he has been a full-time Assistant Professor at the University of Hong Kong. Previously, he has taught at the Architectural Association in London, Singapore University of Design and Technology, Royal Academy in Copenhagen, and EPFL in Switzerland. His projects and research work have been exhibited and published widely and also awarded internationally. He studied architecture at the Cooper Union in New York, followed by a masters at the Bartlett School of Architecture, in London, and is a PhD candidate at RMIT Viet Nam.

Olivier Ottevaere是一位香港的建筑师和教育家,他是Double(o) Studio的负责人,在建造实践设计过程中主要关注结构逻辑、物质性和建设过程。从2011年开始,他一直是香港大学的全职助理教授。他曾经在伦敦建筑协会、新加坡大学设计与技术学院、哥本哈根皇家艺术学院以及瑞士联邦理工学院授课 。他的项目和研究工作被广泛展览和出版并且在国际获奖 。他在纽约的库珀联盟学院(Cooper Union)学习建筑,后来在伦敦的巴特利特建筑学院取得硕士学位,并且是越南RMIT的博士生。





Past Student Work



△ Pinch Sweep: Ruled-based timber construction in Yunnan Province, China, 2014-2015 (Design by Olivier Ottevaere and John Lin)
△ Sweep with students: Year 2 HKU student’s participating in the construction assembly of the Sweep, Yunnan Province, 2014
△ Studentswork: Concrete screen walls by HKU students, 2016
△ Students work: March 1 mid-term review, HKU,2017
△ Teaching: lecture during final reviews at the EPFL, Switzerland, 2016






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Work Samples



这是由Olivier Ottevaere和John Lin设计的一个公共图书馆和社区中心。其最突出的特点是弯曲的木屋顶 ,孩子们可以在上面奔跑。项目建造在云南省双河村,作为政府2012年毁灭性地震后的重建工作。现在图书馆不仅作为怀念逝去亲人的纪念馆 ,也成为社区未来的催化剂 。


在图书馆内,桁架作为提供整体结构的支撑物的同时 ,也向下延伸形成一个简单的浮动书柜,向当地人提供免费阅读材料。坚固的学校长椅用作阅读座位,而聚碳酸酯做成的门可以打开使空气流通并和外面的广场联系起来。

项目成功的原因一部分可以归因于当地木材制造工厂,他们只使用简单的材料就创造了一个相对独特的形式。不像地震后的混凝土建筑,这座利用当代木材结构建成的图书馆 ,仍然可以作为在国内偏远地区的一个可行的选择 。项目大部分资金是由香港大学赞助的,并且对项目进行监督直至建成。


Start Time

9:30 am

Friday, June 23, 2017

Finish Time

5:30 pm

Thursday, July 6, 2017


Huangshan Turenscape Academy 黄山土人学社

Event Participants