Minimal (Infra) Structures | Workshop 3


Design-Build Workshop: Metal

Host: Turenscape Academy (TA)
Technical Support: Turenscape Beijing
Workshop Location: TA Xixinan Campus
Project Site: Xixinan Village, Huangshan City, Anhui, China
Date and Time: 3.27.2017-4.07.2017 (7 days)



Workshop Director


Soomeen Hahm is an architectural designer and researcher based in London. She is the founder of the SoomeenHahm Design Ltd. Alongside of teaching the Bartlett School of Architecture at UCL, and the Architectural Association (AA) in London. Soomeen has lectured, taught studios, workshops and courses focusing on computational design, at several institutions in UK and internationally. Her research interests are focused on the changing paradigm guiding architectural design thinking under the impact of increasing computational power. Soomeen’s specialisation in architectural design research is on generative methods using analog and digital computation of material behaviours, as well as on the use of coding, digital simulations and 3d modeling.






This design-build workshop involves the design and construction of a complex spatial, structural and material installation, as the expression of contemporary aesthetic tendencies.


Recent developments in the rapidly emerging practices of computer aided manufacturing is often accompanied by the questionable belief that the realisation of complex constructs necessitates advanced design and fabrication technologies. As an alternative to this view, this workshop engages with research at the intersection of low-tech production techniques and computational design strategies, aiming to demonstrate the possibility of constructing highly articulated structures in the absence of advanced fabrication tools and construction technologies.


Initial design tutorials will investigate the potential of algorithmic design tools to generate and evaluate a series of design proposals. Iterative design processes allow design schemes to be tested and reviewed during their development, enabling designers to predict and amend design solutions prior to or during the production process. The topics of top-down and bottom-up design approaches, as well as the roles of analogue and digital techniques will be address as the flow of information from computational design to fabrication and onsite assembly of prefabricated metal rod elements, bundled to make permanent shelters, canopies and urban furniture. Rules of assembly and established relationships between the elements of traditional architectural material will allow for the creation and construction of structures which emerge without a predetermined blueprint.






12-day workshop:


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Target Audience

1. Students studying architecture, urban planning, landscape architecture and design, environment design or similar fields
2. 3D printing and computational design enthusiasts 
3. Individuals interested in experimental structures and physical making

Certification and Recommendation

1. Receive course completion certificate signed by Dr. Kongjian Yu at the end of the course
2. TA will negotiate internship and job recommendation at Turenscape for outstanding students 
3. Discount for other upcoming workshops held in 2017 (Workshop 2-6)

How to Apply

Contact us: 18201521972; 15712966956 (Numbers for both Mobile and WeChat)
Apply: Email with “Name+Workshop Name” in the subject line. Please specify your name, age, gender, major, school or employer, phone number, email address in the body of the email. TA staff will get in touch with you ASAP about workshop details and logistics.



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Start Time

9:30 am

Monday, March 27, 2017

Finish Time

5:30 pm

Friday, April 7, 2017


Huangshan Turenscape Academy 黄山土人学社

Event Participants