Located in the heart of Xixinan village, Turenscape Academy occupies a series of heritage buildings, including former factories, schools, administrative buildings and a temple. These remnants have been acquired by Turenscape as the basis of a campus for the academy, made up of these varied existing buildings and outdoor spaces. In the refurbishment and conversion of these buildings and landscapes, the provision of spacious internal and external studios, as teaching and learning spaces, have been the first projects to be completed. In the coming months, further renovations will include exhibition and gallery spaces; on-site residential accommodation for students and staff; an on-site restaurant serving three meals per day. Nearby in Xixinan, Turenscape has developed a hotel, Villa Lotus, as an upmarket residence for guests in refurbished buildings, and the village has other hotels, restaurants and shops. The spaces of TA are available for visits by university groups for short workshops; longer term studios and research projects; professional training courses; and retreats by companies and other organisations.







Turenscape Academy’s residential campus is located in Xixinan, a heritage village situated nearby to Huangshan City and the beautiful Huangshan Mountains (Yellow Mountains), in Anhui province. Connected by daily flights to China’s largest cities, and by high speed train to Beijing, Shanghai and Hangzhou, Xixinan is an easily accessible sanctuary from urban China. Set in a tranquil landscape setting, the unique attributes of Xixinan create an important opportunity for students to gain an understanding of the village’s local life, culture and ancient fabric, within a well-preserved ecological environment. Visiting Xixinan opens the possibility to explore and experience the nearby Yellow Mountains and vernacular Huizhou countryside, including two UNESCO World Heritage Sites, which are rich in architecture heritage, cultural landscapes, and natural beauty.