Turenscape Academy (TA) aims to provide multi-level, interdisciplinary training for students, professionals, planners, and ecologists charged with the challenges and opportunities of accelerated urbanization in Architecture, Landscape Architecture, Urbanism and Art & Design. Its integrated design approach embraces environmental dynamics, agricultural practices, rural ecology, cultural riches, sociology and other disciplinary arenas. As an innovative studio-based model, TA provides a clear alternative to traditional design education. The interdisciplinary collaboration fostered at TA is seen as a catalyst for dialogue and dissemination through symposiums, conferences, workshops, publications, site interventions, exhibitions and other events.


With the philosophy of Learning by Doing, Turenscape Academy creates an immersive educational environment for continuous lifelong learning. Learning by Doing encourages students and professionals to creatively and practically engage in important urban challenges. To enable an open atmosphere of mutual learning, TA strives to develop broad partnerships with exploratory studios, research-based organizations and other professional and educational institutions in China and worldwide.