Turenscape Academy is the first independent academy dedicated to post-professional design education of the built, lived and natural environment to be launched in China. TA is unaffiliated to channels of fiscal support from other established educational institutions or government ministries, relying wholly on fees paid by our students. As such, TA is reaching out for generous donations from its supporters, who believe in its mission and ethos. With philanthropic support from friends around the world, TA aims to advance its commitment to excellence in its academic curricula, research, staffing, and facilities. Giving to TA is an opportunity to propel this alternative model of design education in China, on a path beyond its establishment and towards maturity and impact. Various donation schemes with different levels of support, from Founders, Benefactors, Patrons and Friends, will help to build the Turenscape Academy Endowment Fund, intended to last in perpetuity, but will be put to use strategically for Turenscape’s long term investment into this unprecedented educational venture. This Fund will help to support the general budget required for the conversion of the buildings for the academy’s space facilities, the establishment of international collaborations, and the launching of the four disciplines at TA, Architecture, Landscape Architecture, Urbanism and Art & Design. Donors are invited to declare the specific purpose towards which their donation is to be designated, in a series of directed support areas which target the specific needs of the academy. Supporting Turenscape Academy will help to expand and accelerate this unique educational project, making the academy more accessible to a larger number of students, scholars and the public, in China and worldwide. With your support, TA can create a more powerful platform from which to reach a larger audience, with the aim to achieve greater impact on the next generation of designers, and our lived environments, for years to come.

Contact Turenscape Academy by email to enquire about making a donation: academy@turenscape.com